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The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy

Just how effective is hypnotherapy?

Research shows:

  • 600 sessions of Psycho-analysis brings 38% recovery.
  • 22 sessions of CBT brings 72% recovery.
  • 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy brings 93% recovery.

Hypnotherapy accesses and works with your subconscious mind. It is so effective because it bypasses your conscious mind. Your subconscious believes absolutely everything, and it controls your emotions, habits, cravings, and responses to the world. It is where your thoughts, memories, and experiences live. It handles around two million bits of sensory information every second, whereas the conscious mind handles about seven.

Therefore, the images, metaphors and suggestive positive affirmations produce profound changes, even for the most analytical person. There is a myth that in hypnotherapy you are being controlled, but far from it. You, the client, is always in control. Your conscious mind is analytical, logical, and critical. Your subconscious mind is far more accepting and nonjudgmental. The subconscious mind understands metaphors, associations, and patterns in which hypnotherapists are trained to use. Old habits that are hurtful are reframed. Old patterns, which are destructive, are changed while you enjoy the experience of feeling relaxed, sleepy and chilled out.

While you are in your relaxed trance, your state of consciousness is altered. Your left hand side of the brain is turned off, and your non-analytical right hand side of the brain, is more alert.

When you are motivated to make changes, hypnotherapy is mind blowingly effective. You will be amazed at the results it will bring.

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