Past Life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression (PLR?)

A largest portion of your soul’s memory is comprised of memories from your past lives.   Experiences from your past lives have a major impact on this lifetime. Many of us have experienced at least 100 or more lifetimes before this incarnation. This influence remains hidden from consciousness unless past life recall is activated.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a therapeutic process accessing the unconscious mind and cellular memory in birth, past lives, and life between lives. This technique is effective in locating the original source of past trauma and transforming the core issues that affect daily life functioning and cause physical pain or illness. Through actually experiencing a past life, which is so vivid under hypnosis that there is little doubt that it is not real, the experience provides a powerful kinesthetic and visual experience which often includes an emotional release. A past life regression therapist will help facilitate a transformation which can provide a healing for that lifetime and all subsequent lifetimes.

You may desire a PLR:

  1. Because of a curiosity of experiencing a past life.
  2. To explore past life influences on current relationships.
  3. To discover contracts or vows made in previous lifetimes that affect this lifetime. These contracts can be cancelled or renegotiated as desired.
  4. To discover overt acts of past lives that affect karmic lessons in this lifetime. These overt acts can be atoned for thus changing or fulfilling karmic lessons now.
  5. To discover past talents and bringing them to the conscious mind of the present to increase creativity and/or peak performance.
  6. To discover the pre-life contract and purpose for this lifetime (Life between Lives or LBL)
  7. Discovering one’s overall soul destiny to gain clarity about one’s intended path.

Sessions are an hour and a half in length, minimally in length and either via Skype or in person. Book your session with Joyce today below.

Services & Fees:
Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Session
60 Minutes = $270