Hypnotherapy  allows you to access your core beliefs in the subconscious mind you want to change. A session quiets the conscious objective mind that limits what you can accomplish. You easily and directly access the subconscious mind and with suggestion, change your beliefs. In the inner mind, the subconscious and non-conscious realm, nothing is impossible, which is why hypnosis can be so effective. Fears, habits, patterns of behavior, and other unwanted responses can easily and quickly be eliminated with hypnotherapy. Weight loss, stopping smoking or drinking, and reducing anxiety and stress are particularly easy to change behaviors around with hypnotherapy.

I have been very fortunate to meet Joyce and have her as my spiritual guide. She has been able to help me like anyone else has been able to. She is very sincere and frank, no sugar coating, yet gentile, polite and loving. A few months ago I was dealing with a lot of fear towards the birth of my second child, since I had a really bad experience with my first birth. After talking to Joyce about it I decided to do hypnotherapy. Joyce guide me through all the process, she took me to my place of peace, helped me feel strong, beautiful and safe. Since I was in deep relaxation I only remember bits and pieces. But I do remember that after the session I felt so calm and relaxed and the word fear didn’t exist in my vocabulary anymore. I felt strong and prepared to give birth. I was able to let go.  I couldn’t be more grateful with the universe for sending Joyce my way. I now have a beautiful child that was born very relaxed and I was able to focus in the miracle of his existence instead of focusing on fear.
Thank you Joyce for your support!
I couldn’t have done the birth of Damian so beautifully without you!
Denisse Diaz de Leon Teran

Sessions are an hour in length and either via Skype or in person. Book your session with Joyce today below.

Services & Fees:
Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Life between Lives
60 Minutes = $180
Three 60 minute sessions = $540

Hypnotherapy and Regression