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My work with Joyce M. Jackson has been consistently compassionate, perceptive, targeted, efficient and life-changing. Joyce stands out among the hypnotherapists I have consulted for her ability to reach both the rational mind and the unconscious, and to draw usable connections between what I recalled under hypnosis and ongoing patterns in my current life. She deftly guided me through rewriting limiting conclusions I had drawn as a child into positive, expansive and supportive choices. I wholeheartedly recommend her.
~Kathy A. Biehl, Attorney at Law, licensed to practice in NJ and TX

I would like to acknowledge Joyce M Jackson because she has helped me so much! I’ve been quite whacked out due to seemingly unending insomnia with this pregnancy–7 months of really bad sleep was making me all kinds of crazy (understatement). When I would finally fall asleep, I would have nightmares and wake up screaming. It totally totally totally sucked!! I saw Joyce for some past life regression to heal those traumatic images and experiences I was struggling to move past. She’s also trained in hypnotherapy and wove in suggestions for deep, restful sleep. She also did some chakra clearing. I’m happy to report that I have been sleeping and having good dreams : -) She is an absolute powerhouse and I recommend her services for anything that you would like some support with changing. She is so down to earth and an amazing resource for all of us.  She’s amazing!
~Janna H.

I have been very fortunate to meet Joyce and have her as my spiritual guide. She has been able to help me like anyone else has been able to. She is very sincere and frank, no sugar coating, yet gentile, polite and loving. A few months ago I was dealing with a lot of fear towards the birth of my second child, since I had a really bad experience with my first birth. After talking to Joyce about it I decided to do hypnotherapy. Joyce guide me through all the process, she took me to my place of peace, helped me feel strong, beautiful and safe. Since I was in deep relaxation I only remember bits and pieces. But I do remember that after the session I felt so calm and relaxed and the word fear didn’t exist in my vocabulary anymore. I felt strong and prepared to give birth. I was able to let go.  I couldn’t be more grateful with the universe for sending Joyce my way. I now have a beautiful child that was born very relaxed and I was able to focus in the miracle of his existence instead of focusing on fear.
Thank you Joyce for your support!
I couldn’t have done the birth of Damian so beautifully without you!
Denisse Diaz de Leon Teran

I have seen Joyce on numerous occasions and for different services. She is a delight to work with- there is nothing you can say that she has not seen, heard experienced that left me validated. In regards to Joyce’s services, I have seen marked and immediate results in doing Hypnotherapy and Energy work. During the hypnotherapy, Joyce was kind and worked with my anxiety since I had never done hypnotherapy. When we were finished I felt a sense of physical and emotional “lightness” that I have not experienced around this lifelong issue. I left with a feeling of optimism, calm and release that was amazing to experience and showed there is another way to feel. I have also really enjoyed my experience with Joyce’s energy work. I have literally experienced release and movement in my physical body and seen a “lighted” path that once again provided optimism and hopefulness on a spiritual, lesser explored level. Thank you!

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