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Hypnosis and Pain Relief

There is a mysterious air to hypnosis. Few understand how it works. Lots of research has been done on it, but still there are many controversies between the experts on what happens in a trance. What is known however, is that hypnosis has been a very successful technique in helping heal the mind, body and spiritual aspects of life.

The hypnotic trance has many amazing properties that include experiencing numbness in not only the body but in specific areas of the body. This enables a skilled therapist to produce the absence of pain in any part of the body. Hypnosis is most often used for common problems, such as dental work, burns, headaches, giving birth and similar matters.

The body is designed to heal itself. Although this process works automatically, it can be accelerated and enhanced by hypnotic techniques. By directing the subconscious mind to focus energy on a specific system in the body, more of your natural resources will go there. That means that if you were burned, your body will naturally begin the healing process which may take a week to complete. If you were to employ hypnosis to quicken this process, you may complete the healing in half the time. At the very least, hypnosis is extremely effective to decrease pain. The effectiveness of this technique depends on several factors: one, the client’s susceptibility and willingness to use this approach, two, the skill of the hypnotherapist, and three, the severity of the problem. Hypnosis has its limitations, however it’s always worth trying to use it because there is no down-side to the technique. At worst, it may do no more than make the subject feel a little better from getting attention, but it cannot do any damage itself.

One of the more profound effects of hypnosis is in using it to minimize or eliminate pain. An important caution is that if you don’t know what is causing the pain, hypnosis may effectively remove the pain but, it may also coverup something serious that requires attention. If you know what is causing the pain, then it is safe to apply it to decrease the experience of pain and help with the general recovery. Most pain is possible to turn off the pain signals in the mind and minimize the sensation of pain. This can be accomplished in many ways using hypnosis. In general, positive suggestions are a good starting point, then these are usually elaborated to facilitate healing and remove discomfort.

There is a robust amount of clinical research using hypnosis to help heal the body or decrease the perception of pain. If you have a medical issue, consult with a specialist who is certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis to use hypnotic techniques. The scientific literature is full of case studies validating the power of hypnosis to promote healing. If you have a problem I encourage you to consider the power of hypnosis to help you conquer it.

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