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Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?


With the exception of the feeble-minded, everyone can be hypnotized.  This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Hypnotherapy.  And, interestingly enough, people naturally experience at least two hypnotic trances a day. Most of us experience around twenty per day, but, we just don’t know it.

Yes, some people are also adamant that they can’t be hypnotized. They are convinced that hypnosis will never work for them. Is possible some people can’t be hypnotized? No. Everyone can be hypnotized, theoretically, so there’s no physical reason why everyone can’t be put into a hypnotic state. But there are psychological reasons why someone can be resistant to being hypnotized. There are hypnosis techniques for the resistant person, and the induction portion of the session can be adjusted, and often is, for each client. Typically, those that believe they can’t be hypnotized are often easily placed into trance. And, there is the rare individual that finds it very difficult to relax enough in order to enter a deep hypnotic state.

Those that believe they can’t be hypnotized may have deep control issues. They may consciously or unconsciously believe that if they allow themselves to be hypnotized, they will be allowing someone else to control them, their behavior, and their thoughts. They’re usually reacting to what they think hypnosis is. In just about every case, they are unfamiliar with what hypnosis is or what it can be used for. In other cases, a person might have difficulty relaxing because of current physical pain or emotional trauma. And some people simply doubt the power of suggestion, believing that only weak minds can react to hypnotic suggestions.

It’s all a myth. You never give up control of your mind or body during hypnosis. You’re never unconscious. Your conscious mind is simply deeply relaxed and letting the subconscious mind come to the forefront.

So, what kind of person can be hypnotized? Anyone who has an IQ of at least 70, and is willing try it. That’s it. Of course, some people can go into trance more easily than others, and it’s possible to block or stop the process. Although some people are more easily hypnotized than other people, hypnotic responsiveness doesn’t seem to correlate in expected ways with personality traits such as gullibility, imagery ability, or submissiveness. Another similar study suggests that people who become very engrossed in day-to-day activities may be more easily hypnotized. Through subsequent studies, researchers learned that 95 percent of people can be hypnotized to some extent.

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